An Ocean Of Power In Every Drop.

Many seaweed extracts claim high organic content but incorporate useless cellulose from stems and leaves.

Our seaweed, sargassum, is plentiful, so we can press out the useless cellulose, then refine and concentrate up the extract using our advanced filtration process.


Our Barley Breakthrough

A 12.5% yield sparks remarkable ROI with our sustainable fertilizers.

Sustainable Partnership

We achieved a remarkable 12.5% yield boost and 12x ROI, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable practice.

Field Trials and Yield Success

Field trials at 97% significance showcased Carbonwave’s success, achieving true barley yield increases that met size and quality criteria.

“From the first time we applied Sarga Agriscience products to our crops, we were amazed by the significant recovery. We are greatly satisfied with the results.”

Jose Basilio


“After a year of using Sarga Extra, we have noticed an improvement in stress issues. The plant remains strong even in dry seasons.”

Jesús Paredes