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we use sargassum - the latest discovery in algae fertilizers - to increase yields & profits

The extract from Sargassum, a tropical seaweed, provides key nutrients above and below ground resulting in more vigorous plants and healthier soils. Sargassum itself is one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

algae: nature's way to increase plant vigor and soil health

Sargassum is one of the ocean’s most effective harvesters of minerals and micronutrients and thrives in the challenging environment of the sea. 

Unlike Ascophyllum Nodosum or Kelp that live in the mineral rich intertidal zone, Sargassum prospers in the open ocean, where nutrients are scarce.  On top of that, Sargassum has a natural ability to adapt to changing temperatures, salt levels, and a range of other stresses, while being one of the fastest growing plants on earth.

When we collect and process the seaweed, we enable your crops to tap into the same ability, by feeding both the plant and the microbes in the soil to peak performance.

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Getting the "Extra" from Sargassum

We use a completely gentle, cold, non-chemical extraction process that does not harm any of the seaweed’s valuable components. We then filter out heavy metals, sodium and other impurities and concentrate down these valuable components.


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Significant Boost

SargaAg products enhance the microbial population in the soil and allow the plant to more efficiently utilize the water and nutrients that the crop needs for peak performance. A 3rd-party formulator test has shown that Carbonwave products increase yields 15-45% vs control by increasing the nutrient uptake of plants.

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Increased Root Growth

SargaExtra provides food for microbes in the rhizosphere which in turn increase the nutrient uptake efficacy of the plant. This includes uptake of compounds used in converting sunlight to energy increasing the overall level of photosynthesis in the plant.


Better Tank Mix Performance

SargaAg products are supplementary to standard fertilizer practices and will increase the nutrient uptake of fertilizers applied as part of the tank mix.


Yield Loss Protection

SargaExtra prevents yield loss and protects plants from the effects of environmental stresses, like droughts and heatwaves by helping them get the nutrients they need to survive. It improves the soil’s microbial population, which allows plants to more efficiently utilize the water and nutrients that the plant needs for peak performance.

These Are Our Results

Third Party Tests Show Yield
Increases 15-45% Vs Control​.

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We Are The Agribusiness Innovation Arm Of Carbonwave

We’re one of the few global companies exploring the benefits of brown seaweed, and the only one with an integrated mass collection network and cascading processing operation ready to address the Sargassum emergency. This means scalable systems capable of supplying to a global economy with measurable positive environmental impact.
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