Know The Industry

Pioneers In The Seaweed Economy

A Fast-Growing Innovator

Carbonwave (previously C-Combinator) was founded in 2020 with the goal to turn the sargassum problem into an opportunity! In 18 months we build two factories, developed 15 prototypes and are proud to have brough 4 products to market. Our fertilizers have perfomed phenominally in field trials and are garnering interest all around the world.

Guided By Community Impact

To show that we are serious we have decided to make Carbonwave a public benefit corporation. That means we have a legal mandate to restore the health of the oceans and climate.

Focused On Environmental And Social Health

Our products are low-carbon and naturally extracted. Our processes are designed to improve ocean health and economic equality.

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Get To Know Us

Meet The Sarga Agrisciences Team

We are a team of agricultural specialists, sustainability veterans, agronomists, biologists, and social innovators working to create the processes, products, and materials that will drive the next century of biology-based agriculture and ecosystem restoration.
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Ben Jelen, PhD Director Of Research
Systems like the one we are building, by diverting oceanic biomass, invasive Sargassum, from landfills to biologically sourced agricultural products, in turn lessening the need for chemically sourced agricultural products, are the way forward as we move further into an economy aware of greenhouse gases and their true cost. Over their lifecycle, our agricultural products help to give important reductions in methane and nitrous oxide emissions, while enhancing overall plant vigor and resistance to abiotic stresses. Ben is thrilled to be continuing his work with farmers and researchers, to add to farmers’ biologically-sourced options for crop fertilizers and soil amendments, toward an integrated approach to farming, soil, and carbon drawdown.
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Gilberto Torres Regional Sales Manager
Agronomist with 20 years of experience in sales in the agricultural market, proud to participate in this project to turn Sargasso into an opportunity for farmers.
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Manuel Ricardez Specialty Sales
Manuel likes all sustainability issues, he has been involved in projects of this nature for several years and is convinced that with the actions we are taking, we can leave a positive footprint to save our planet from the ravages of the climate change.
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Sebastian Aguilar Responsible Sanitaria and Quality Control Manager
Pharmaceutical chemist: great interest in the development and research of chemical-biological products that improve quality and human health. Sargassum biostimulants are a sustainable source to go from a synthetic source to a natural one. The transition is necessary for the coexistence of humanity with the world, our health depends on how we grow our food, the excess of synthetic chemicals and pesticides are a cause for the increment incidence of illness.
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Jonas Kunz Director Of Product, Agriculture
Jonas is fascinated by the solutions nature has developed for herself and excited about the effects seaweeds have on terrestrial plants.
Jon Wettack Director of Operations and Sales Manager Mexico
Jon is passionate about climate change and believes the solution will be found in transforming agriculture, using ocean resources to fertilize land.